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1397/2/24 دوشنبهMOU extension with Lebenshilfe
State welfare organization and Institute of Lebenshilfe extend a MOU on bilateral relations
During a ceremony in presence with chief executive officer of Lebenshilfe from Germany , head of state welfare organization and deputy head for rehabilitation affairs was extend the bilateral MOU between two organizations on Monday, 27th of May.

   The deputy minister and head of state welfare organization, the chief executive officer of Lebenshilfe and deputy head for rehabilitation affairs at               a ceremony on Monday (14th of May) asserted on more cooperation and in this regard on behalf of state welfare organization Dr.Nahvinejad inked MOU extension to preserve previous achievements with the institute  of lebenshilfe.

 In this meeting Dr.Mohseni bandpey, deputy minister and head of state welfare organization stated that over 3 years of cooperation with this institute we have obtained remarkable experiences to reinforce bilateral relations. He added, utilizing the pattern of small house is one of the taken measures to provide effective services for the people with disabilities in Iran. In else where he mentioned that after initiating the mutual relations and getting pertinent patterns from this organization around 40 small houses has been established for semi-independent life of people with disabilities as well as 20 experts  form state welfare organization to take part in training courses has dispatched to Germany so far. Also Dr.Nahvinejad, deputy head for rehabilitation affairs made remarks that the achievements of this MOU will be satisfying and  we would like to take advantage from  the experiences of Lebenshilfe‘s experts in community based plans and have an interaction between the target communities in the cultural and recreational areas. In continuing the ceremony, Dib Marmeng CEO of Lebenshilfe gratitude the state welfare organization to cooperate in common projects and stated that extending this MOU lead to more cooperation in different areas.

منبع خبر: Public relations and international affairs
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