Head of the Center for Health Research at the Australian National University

Rapid fertility decline, main factor of aging in Iran

Dr.Peter MC Donald, the head of the center for health research at the Australian National University say that: I really optimistic the circumstances of the elderly people will change effectively .

A Singaporean corporation granted to SWO, ۱۰۰ thousand dollar

The CEO of International Corporation for security ports and ships structures of Singapore, along with visiting the deputy minister and head of SWO from there granted ۱۰۰ thousand USD to help the targe ...

Signing a MOU to facilitate implementation plans of supported employment for people with disabilities at Stockholm

In During journey of deputy minister and head of state welfare organization to Sweden in the event of visiting from MISA rehabilitation center due to facilitate the implementation plans of supported ...

The new representative of UNICEF highlighted on development of bilateral ties

Deputy Minister and head of state welfare organization during a meeting with William Parks, the new representative of UNICEF at Tehran, announced that we willing to extend bilateral collaborations ...
Head of development of prevention and addiction treatment:

Training ۳.۵ million people in the boundary areas for prevention of disabilities caused by Mine explosion

The Head of development of prevention and addiction treatment during a meeting with regional adviser and deputy representative of ICRC at Tehran announced that approximately ۳.۵ million people who liv ...


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The State Welfare Organization (SWO) is one of the supporting governmental organizations that through general budget help the people with disabilities and disadvantaged people. After the Islamic revolution, the organization initiated it activity following the integration of several supporting and charity institutes. After investigations and studies of the martyr Dr. Mohammad Ali Fayazbakhsh, the State Welfare Organization was founded following the bill approved on 1980/5/15 in order to realize 3rd, 21st, and 29th articles of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. SWO was founded after 16 organizations, institutes and associations where merged in attempt to take pertinent measures and provide services and non-insurance supports with maintaining and the human dignity and values relying on the public participation and cooperation with the concerning organizations. The SWO also try to expand rehabilitation and supporting services, prevent disabilities and decreases social harms and supply the fundamen al needs of the low-income groups. However, in July, 2005 according to the legal structure of the Ministry of cooperation, labor and social welfare, the State Welfare Organization, the social security organization and national health insurance were separated from the Ministry of Health and joined the Ministry of Cooperation,labor and Social welfare.